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Meet our 2023 Donation Recipient 

Conner Young 

From Osseo Wisconsin

Connor Young, age 6, lives in Osseo, WI with mom, Jenna and dad, Brandon. The family lives on a farm and Brandon owns JB Haulers trucking company. Starting last summer and into fall Connor started to demonstrate odd symptoms of shaking and tremors. The family thought perhaps he was developing some nervous habits since the symptoms seemed to be short lived. Jenna ended up taking Connor in for a check up in January 2023 just to be sure since the symptoms did seem to be

increasing and his strength was significantly decreasing to where he could not

perform simple tasks a regular 6-year-old boy could. Out of that appointment they

set a secondary appointment with a neurologist just to investigate further and that

appointment was set to March 30, 2023.Because Connor’s symptoms increased significantly over the course of the next couple of weeks Jenna took Connor into the ER in late January 2023 where he received a CT scan and news that he had to be taken to Rochester, MN in an ambulance immediately due to a mass that was found.

Conner has a Pilocytic Astrocytoma, a brain tumor. He has had 4 surgeries so far,

and 12 Chemo treatments.Conner is doing awesome. Every day he gets stronger. The journey will be long with Chemotherapy treatments every week in Rochester.

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